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I work mostly from my own photographs and the subject matter varies widely from landscapes to portraits to animals. Almost anything goes and I do undertake commissions.

Bold strokes with a broad brush and sometimes a roller are my style, emphasising the highlights. Shadows and reflections intrigue me and I often work with a limited palette.

Oil and acrylic on medium sized canvases are my preferences. I have greeting cards and limited edition signed prints too.

I have always drawn and painted and I was lucky to study commercial art at Nottingham Art College.

I am a member of a number of Artist groups including the West Berkshire and North Hampshire Open Studios. I have exhibited at many Exhibitions and Galleries in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Rutland including The Reading Contemporary Art Fair and AppArt.

There is always some of my work at That Gallery Festival Place Basingstoke and I am usually there every Thursday

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